One could think that the shipment of cars abroad is exactly the same regardless of the type of car. But at every stage of the process, cars need extra care and attention. Owners cherish their cars and demand the same from international shipping companies

The options

Car owners have a number of options for shipping their cars abroad. Many choose the plane to transport their cars. It is the fastest method with daily departures of US aircraft to major cities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and other destinations. But unlike other options, shipping a car by plane is the most expensive method.

The use of a container is a more affordable way to ship a car abroad. The car is driven inside a container and secured. The container is then placed on an ocean vessel that sets off for the destination. Although it is slower to use the sea rather than the air, it may be worthwhile because of savings on cost and added security. Not all expensive cars are flown; there are countless cars and vintage cars worth millions of dollars being shipped this way.

Take the car to the starting point

When it comes to picking up cars for overseas shipping, the majority opt for closed trailer transport to avoid prying eyes and ensure that cars stay flawless.

Many also forget how cars are low and close to the ground, making access to a carrier difficult if there are no ramps to avoid scratching the front edge of the car. This is despite the fact that many modern cars have the distinction of being able to lift the front of the car. There are carriers who will refuse to move your exotic car because it is too low.

Cars are smaller than regular vehicles, but they tend to be wider. The width of the Lamborghini Aventador is about 5 cm longer than a big Range Rover! Carriers must therefore be very careful when loading the vehicle in narrow trailers. Normally this is not a problem for closed trailer trucks.

Upon delivery of the vehicle in the car shipping facility, the car will be unloaded with the same care safely.

Registration process

Once the car is unloaded, the vehicle coordinator compares the current condition of the car to the report on its written condition before loading. If all imperfections match, it releases the driver and accepts the vehicle. However, if there are unnoticed imperfections, he carefully examines every part of the car inside and out to make sure he has not missed anything else. Aside from occurrences of natural disasters, carriers working with cars are diligent and normally do not report damage to cars. They face strict scoring requirements when receiving work. Carriers who have damage to vehicles in their files,

Once the inspection is complete and the photos taken, the cars are stored until the day of departure. The cars are stored inside, in a secure warehouse with surveillance cameras, with covers and battery maintainers available.

Prepare for departure

The departure date depends on the chosen international shipping service. In the case of air transport, the vehicles are transported to the airport and placed on an agreed flight. This can result, in some cases, in departures the same day. Departure dates depend primarily on the requirements established by the shipper.

However, if you choose to ship in a container, the car will be shipped on the next available boat. The boats leave each week for the most popular destinations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. For some of the more unusual destinations, it may take another one to two weeks before a boat is available. Shipping companies can arrange departures on the same day in advance.

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