Car Covers VS Garages – Who Wins?


After spending months looking into exactly which car to buy, it’s finally here. For keeps. And it’s yours. The thing is, have you thought about how you will be storing it? Or have you just presume it’ll park outside your house? Do you realize what this could mean? That all your money will go down the drain?

Yes, if you do not actively protect your car in some way, it will get ruined. Nature does not tend to treat cars too nicely and ends up wrecking them in no time at all. Wind, rain, sun, snow, all of them have a diverse effect on your car in a multitude of ways. So the question is; how to protect? You have the choice of two ways;outdoor car covers, or a garage. For some, a garage is out of the question. To begin with, it is mighty costly. There is a lot that goes into building a garage, it is not just four walls and a roof. There’s the all those bits and bobs that go with, and they all add up. The second problem with a garage is that it takes up a lot of space. Not everyone will have the space to build a garage, let alone the money. For some it even seems a waste of money; why build a room that will be empty most of the day, far better to extend the house. For those living in apartment blocks, a garage may be only a dream.

A car cover though is very affordable. There is a large variety of car covers on the market, with a price range for every budget. You could buy a car cover for little more than $20. That’s all it takes to preserve your car and keep it in good condition. What is more is that a car cover is practical and compact. When not in use, the cover can be folded up, nice and neatly, small enough to fit in the trunk of the car. This way, it will be able to come along with you on your travels, so that no matter where you are, your car will always remain protected. This is a huge advantage over garages. Covers are completely portable. They are easy to put on and take off as well, as they have elastic at the front and rear of the cover for that extra stretch. Lastly, even when a car is stored in a garage, it does not receive 100% protection. It is still exposed to the dust and dirt, and getting scratched and knocked about. There are car covers explicitly for cars that are kept indoors, which just goes to show how much better car cover is! Having a car cover, is the ultimate protection available, as it is tight against the car and therefore, nothing can come and ‘attack’ the car.

Nature, it all it’s wonder and glory, is not so kind when it comes to the treatment it gives to cars. Nature’s elements can be quite harsh and detrimental to the car’s well being. The various weather conditions can, and will have diverse effects on cars. Rain contains high levels of acid that literally eat away at the car’s paintwork. What is left, is a patchy, peeling paint car that looks like it has been through the wars. If that is not bad enough, the rain leaves awful watermarks all over the exterior of the car, and over time, causes the car to rust and rot. Snow has more or less the same effects as rain does, only worse. When it snows, the car, and all its parts will freeze over. This includes the car’s brakes. The problem with this is that when the brakes are frozen they do not work adequately enough and cause erratic driving that could result in a fatal accident, G-d forbid.

The wind has it’s problems too. The seemingly innocent wind actually drags all sorts of ‘goodies’ along with it. Anything that has been left lying in the street gets swept up in the windstorm and made to fly through the air. In doing so, bits of rubble, including sticks and stones, will scratch and dent the car, leaving it looking a real spectacle.

The sun is extremely powerful. Due to global warming, the ozone layer has thinned, and therefore the sun’s ultraviolet rays are not being filtered. As a result, when the ultraviolet rays beat down on the cars, they cause the finish to melt and bleach the paintwork. The car is left looking completely washed out, and colorless; a dull metal tin!

When the car is left standing in the sun, its interior gets ruined too. The internal specs of the car get wrecked due to the car overheating. The car is also too hot and stuffy to drive and can be very claustrophobic. Drivers can even burn their hands on the steering wheels when the car gets overheated. All of this, together with piles of dust, and birds droppings, do not make the outdoors a safe haven for cars. The cars are left in a bedraggled sated, with unsightly stains that will take hours to clean.The indoors is not much better though. Although the car is not exposed to most weather conditions, it is still not shielded from dust and dirt. In fact, dust tends to pile up much faster in garages due to the storage conditions. Usually, old bits of rubbish that no one wants to throw out are kept in garages, these are awfully dusty and act as a magnet to more dust, that only instead lands up on the car.

Also, garages are usually small places. People tend to have to squeeze past to get to the other end. In doing so, they are very likely to scratch or dent the car, especially if they have something like keys hanging from their belt or pocket.

Knowing which car cover to go for is not a simple task. In fact, it could be quite hard. When searching online for car covers, loads of different types come up and it can be more than difficult to work out which one to choose.

The way to select a cover is by playing skittles with yourself; by process of elimination. You will need to ask yourself the following questions and according to the answers, which are obviously different for every single person, you will be able to select the ultimate car cover.

Where do you store your car?

Is the very first question to ask. Some keep their cars in garages whilst others will keep them parked on the streets or in driveways, namely outdoors. Either way, you will need a cover, but completely different types. Indoor car covers do not need any sort of fancy protection like highly waterproof etc and therefore are a totally different type altogether. Indoor covers also work out a lot cheaper as the protection offered is much simpler.

What climate do you live in? What are the weather conditions?

Outdoor car covers vary. Not everyone lives in the same sort of climate conditions and therefore there is no one cover that will do for everyone. Some need heavy waterproof protection, whilst others need to focus on resisting ultraviolet rays. Every area has their own sort of climate and needs a different cover with various combinations of protection. This is why the choice of car covers is so large. However, to work out which one you need, you need to work out what sort of protection you need to focus on, and from there you will be able to determine which cover to go for.

How big is your budget?

Once you have seen what covers are even an option for you, you get to see the price range and therefore can decide, based on that, what your budget is. You do not need to spend a fortune on car covers. Quite the opposite; there are plenty of cheap, but quality covers available. You can also make things less expensive for yourself by cutting down on some things, for example, sizing. Covers come in three sizes, ascending in fit and price; universal, semi-custom and custom. Universal will fit onto any car. The semi-custom is designed and made to fit a selection of car that is similar in shape and size. Custom is made uniquely for the car in question. It is said that the custom cover is able to provide the protection offered, at the maximum level. However, as the one paying out, it will be up to you to decide whether it is worth it.

Car cover is one of those essentials of life that we cannot do without. You may think I am exaggerating somewhat, but I am dead serious. It is a fact that a car that has been protected by a car cover has a longer life expectancy than one that is not. Take the sun for example. Just as the sun can be bad for the human skin and body, it can be bad for the car’s exterior and body too. The internal workings of a car become ruined when the car is left standing in the sun for too long. The interior also becomes very hot and stuffy, and too claustrophobic to drive in. The paintwork of the car gets bleached from the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays and the finish melts. It ends up that the car looks very dull and colorless and loses any former shine and luster.

When it rains, life’s no better. Raindrops leave awful watermarks all over the exterior. In addition, the high levels of acid in the rain eat at the car’s paintwork, so that it is left looking patchy and unsightly. The car’s bodywork also begins to rust with time from the dampness of the rain. Snow only accentuates all of this, whilst at the same time freezes over the car and all its parts. This includes the brakes and can prove to be very dangerous. Frozen brakes do not work efficiently and effectively enough and could result in a fatal accident.

In a wind storm, anything that has been left lying n the street gets swept up and flown about. This includes stick and stones, and other rubble, that when they fly past cars, end up scratching and denting the car. This is not the only way a car gets scratched and dented. As people brush past the car, they may accidentally knock it, particularly so if they have keys or something similar hanging from their belts and or pockets. These small nicks and dings leave everlasting impressions on the car, which nobody wants.

There are many more natural nuisances, such as birds’ droppings, and dust, that leave awful marks and mess on the exterior of the car. People tend to get fed up with all these bits that land upon the car making it look a real spectacle.

This is where car covers come into the picture. All-weather car covers are made to resist any weather condition. None of the above danger will be able to penetrate through the fabric of the cover and wreck the car. The car covers are fully waterproof, ultraviolet resistant, and will cushion the car preventing it from getting visibly knocked about.

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