Designing Your Dream Garage – Here’s how!

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For every car owner, their vehicle is no less than a temple and that’s the reason why they put in their blood, sweat and tears to maintain its look – after all, exquisite engineering is worthy of exquisite care, right?

However, simply making your beast stand out from the crowd by opting for full car wrapping isn’t enough – you’ve also got to ensure that it’s being stored properly.

Majority of people rarely make use of their garage as a single-purpose room, rather they stow all other tools and sports equipment in it. Well, it’s too common for garages to be filled with disarray and clutter, even if the car parked inside it is a Porsche 911. But that doesn’t mean one cannot get the mess cleared.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with various flooring, organisation and storage tips that will not only help you design your dream garage, but also to get the most out of it.

Do not go for DIY

There surely will be several other Do It Yourself (DIY) jobs in your entire house. But mind you, upgrading your garage is perhaps not a part of it.

When it comes to designing a garage, its flooring plays the most important role and brings along with it a plethora of issues for DIYers, mainly the peeling and cracking of flooring after months or even weeks after it’s installed.

If you’re so much into DIY, then we guess that our last 3 tips are something you wouldn’t need any help for.

Take your needs and wants into account

Before you start with the design work, it’s essential for you to make it clear as to what exactly you want. If you aren’t able to figure it all out by yourself, then you can certainly seek professional help where after filling out the design form, you’ll be assisted by an expert who’ll come and inspect your space.

The points that you need to take into consideration are “what exactly will you be using the garage for?”, “Will you be parking your exotic car?”, “Will you be using it as a gym?”, “How much space is available?” and “Apart from your car, what else would you like to store?”, to name few.

Only after you’re done finding answers for all these questions, should you go ahead with the designing process.

Think about the setting

A garage is rarely a stand-alone feature in the entire house. Often they are near or attached to a living area, making you to take the entire aesthetics into consideration.

Some of you might select the interiors of your garage to match the rest of your house, whilst others might opt for something that goes hand-in-hand with their vehicle. Well, at the end of it all, the choice is completely yours!

Consider other stuff kept inside the garage

What is placed next to your car in the garage? Do you really need it or is it simply eating much of the available space?

Any of you thinking of designing your garage, better scan the entire room and look for stuff that has just been dumped and come to a decision of what you need and what you can throw away.

Evacuate the floor and move upwards

Mess usually starts accumulating from the ground, which basically means your floor is what get used up first. By fixing cabinets on walls and stowing your items in it, you can certainly make space available for items that must be kept on the floor.

The best way to keep your floors clean would be to make use of vehicle lifts. You can simply have your car up on the lift and store away all other equipment’s and tools in the cabinetry and use up the entire garage.

Keep those floors squeaky clean

Even cleanliness begins from the floor in a garage. So, make use of good quality floor coating and make sure it’s resistant to chemicals, such as gas, oil, salt and coolant, and other impacts.

With the help of the right coating for your floor, you can not only give the floors a glossy finish, but also spray clean them without any troubles!

Decorate it

You’ll be surprised to see how amazing those smartly installed hooks and cabinetry would look in your now upgraded garage. Garden tools that were once stowed in one corner of the room can now have their own hooks; even those plenty of cardboard boxes lying at the back wall can be thrown out of site by placing them in a well-organized cabinetry.

Well, there we have it – our sure-fire ways of designing a garage. Simply put these to use and in no time you’d have built one that you’ve always dreamt of!

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