The Most Proper Way to Clean Your Engine and Other Components

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It may be very important for every car owner to get their car’s exterior appearance cleaned up. It’s the best way to impress the girls when it comes to a man’s perspective, and it’s a proof that you’re a responsible car owner. However, some drivers tend to miss cleaning their car engine as well. Some find it an uncommon task to get their car engines cleaned up. But it’s one of the most essential tips that every car owner must follow as it ensures a good performance. A good-looking car will be worthless if it’s not performing at top condition anyway.

That’s why you should understand the different tips when cleaning up your engine and other components of the car. The other components such as brakes are extremely important as it maintains the overall functions of your car for a safer, and not just better, performance. Here are the following:

Remove Any DebrisRemove debris that got stuck in the engine bay. Things such as leaves, and some stones may got into your engine bay. So be sure to remove them right away once you open the mood. Small animal nests may also be present; it’s best to check that out especially during cold weather.

Initial PreparationsDisconnect the battery first in order to prevent any electrical issues on your car. Loosen the negative terminal bolt on the battery and slide the ground cable from the battery terminal as well. You can remove the positive terminal afterwards. Cover all exposed electronics and wires to prevent short-circuiting once you start cleaning up your engine. Lastly, turn the engines on for a couple of minutes just to heat up the engine. Grease becomes soft and more liquid when heated – making it easier to clean.

Degreasing The Engine

What you need to do first is to degrease the engine by using a degreaser designed for the hardware. You can purchase these in the form of spray bottles for a simpler and faster way to clean up the engine. Afterward, let the degreaser sit into the engine and other affected areas for at least five minutes. Be sure that no painted areas on the car got sprayed as it can damage the paint and the looks of your car. After five minutes, the degreaser tends to go off the engine by itself. Once it’s like so, remove the dripping degreaser and other stubborn grime with a brush, then rinse the engine with water or a water spray. You can go ahead and perform a car wash after this step.

Battery Maintenance

As said earlier, these components allow a safer performance for your vehicle. Battery terminals can be cleaned up with a wire brush to prevent corrosion, or you can replace the terminals if you know how to handle car hardware. Remove the cable first before brushing the terminals. The battery acid should be taken care of by providing baking soda and water. This prevents corrosion as the baking soda and water are base components that can balance the battery’s acidity.

Break Cleanup

Another important part of the vehicle is the brake. To clean that up, a brake cleaner usually does the trick. You just need to spray it with a nozzle to directly cleanse the brake, especially on the stubborn spots. Scrub the dirt afterward with a stiff brush and rise it with the same product and not water for best results.

With these tips, rest assured that your vehicle will be performing at its perfect condition. It’s always important to remember the performance of your vehicle, and not just its looks when maintaining it. This results in a better vehicle that can drive you safely and not just faster to your destinations.


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