How to Clear the Driving Theory Test and Hazard Perception

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In order to drive your car not only you should know driving but also obtain necessary license from motor driving authorities, who issue the licence once you clear the driving theory test as well as hazard perception. At the same time, you also have to clear practical driving test. However, before appearing for practical driving test, it is very important to clear the theory test too. Practical test is solely dependent upon your driving skill and for that you need to do enough practice.

Knowing how to drive is just not enough to obtain driving license, you also need to know various road rules while driving. Since there are many other vehicles running on the road, often under any critical situation, you need to make right decision so that neither your car or any other car is damaged.

The purpose of theory test is just test your response in various situation so that it is possible to know that you are safe to drive on the road. One can now book theory test online UK driving after adequate practice.

What kind of questions are asked

The first part of the theory test is one-hour test where there will be a set of questions with multiple choices. You have to appear before computer terminal with a touch screen monitor. You may click the right option for every question and there will be 50 questions related to driving and various rules that you need to follow on the road. If you can answer correctly at least 43 questions then you can clear the test.

Those who want to drive buses or trucks have a different set of questions. They have to answer 100 questions within a time period of 115 minutes. In order to clear the driving test for such candidates they need to answer correctly at least 85 questions. Here you need to remember that any questions may have more than one correct answer too. This will also be mentioned in the question so that the candidate will react properly. In case, the candidate fails once in the test then in the ‘special need’ category they are given one more chance to appear for the test.

Hazard perception test

The second part of the theory test is hazard perception test. In this test, 14 video clips will be presented before the candidate and each clip will be of one-minute duration. Here the applicant has to imagine that he is in the driver’s seat and he has to identify the hazard correctly. Here it will be tested how quickly you respond to the question. Faster your response, you will get more marks. If you are slow to react then you will get less marks.

If you make wrong judgement in identifying the potential hazard then you will get zero marks. If you are appearing for car driving test then you need to obtain minimum of 44 marks out of 75 while for bus drivers, they need to score at least 67 out of 100 marks.

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