Heavy Duty Lift for Truck Maintenance and Repair

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Trucks are still the backbone of logistical system in this country. with the business world is improving, the demand of logistic transportation is also increasing. There are more trucks on the road transporting different types of goods throughout the country and it also means, more trucks require proper maintenance. A new opportunity for auto workshop specializing in heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Not all auto workshops can handle truck maintenance and repair. It requires mechanics and technicians with specific training as well as tools and maintenance specific for heavy commercial vehicles. Among the most crucial tools required is the heavy duty lift. The lift will make sure the truck inspection and repair work can be done optimally and efficiently. Acquiring heavy duty lift will require a huge investment and for that, it is important to choose the best one. SEFAC is the name with highly respected reputation in lifting solutions. This company has been manufacturing the finest quality lift and vehicle hoisting systems widely installed on many locations all over the world and used for different purposes.

One of the specialties of SEFAC is the heavy truck lift system dedicated to heavy duty workshop. The product ranges from column lifts, hydraulic wheel dolly, to fully automated vehicle lifting system. SEFAC is proud with advanced technology and engineering its team has created ensuring all products will meet the needs and expectations from its customers. The lines of lifting products allow flexibility to handle different types and sizes of truck and other commercial vehicles.

SEFAC USA is the authorized distributor of SEFACE lifts products and parts in all US mainland regions. Its professional team will make sure your workshop will get the most suitable lifting tools to support the increasing business and more importantly, deliver the best quality service to customers, with its full supports.

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