5 Benefits of Using a Fleet Management Software

Many organizations can benefit a lot from fleet management software. The fleet management software such as AUTOSIST can be used by different industries regardless of the size. Understanding the various benefits which you will get will make you make a more informed decision on whether it would be wise investing in a fleet management software. But also remember the longer you will take in making your decision the longer you will take in starting to save time, money and increasing efficiency in your company.

  • Vehicle maintenance logs

One benefit of using a fleet management software is the availability of vehicle maintenance logs. You can make use of the vehicle maintenance logs in case your fleet of vehicles gets an unexpected breakdown in any part of the vehicle’s equipment.

The vehicle maintenance log will assist a mechanic in understanding the overall status of the vehicle. This will also enable the mechanic to make the repairs efficiently and also reduce downtime for the vehicle.

  • Improve your payment cycle

Getting paid quickly for the services you give your clients impacts your business in many ways. Investing in a tool which will help you to get paid faster is essential. With a fleet management software, you can incorporate important clerical processes such as payrolls, accounts payable and receivables operating fast.

The information is put once into the system. The data is then transmitted from the quotes to the invoice electronically. Also, the staff will receive data in real time to quickly process the invoices without any delays making your clients pay you much faster.

  • Consolidated warranty data

Warranties go beyond the lifespan of a vehicle. The truth of the matter is that almost every part of a vehicle has a warranty of one kind or the other. If you don’t have a fleet management software such as AUTOSIST Software, it will be quite challenging to maintain the different types of warranty in the vehicles.

The task of managing different warranties in the vehicle would be a lot easier if you used the fleet management software. The software can also be programmed in such a way that it will automatically alert the warranty providers if the warranty is expired or if the expiring date is near.

  • Easily integrate new vehicle into your fleet

You can also use the fleet maintenance software to incorporate new vehicle into your fleet. The current maintenance schedule which you are using for the other vehicles can be copied and applied to any new vehicle which you purchase. This will reduce the amount of time you would have used to add a new vehicle into your fleet and add the information of the new vehicle into your fleet maintenance software.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Happy customers are important for the growth of any business. A centralized fleet management software will give you a full view of your business throughout. You can track your vehicles and staff easily throughout the day. You can also keep all your customers happy by providing consistent, reliable output.

When you decide to invest in a fleet management software, you will be investing in the future of your business. The sooner you incorporate the AUTOSIST fleet management application, the farther ahead you will be from your competitors.

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